5 Ways to Wear Your White Converse Shoes in Style

Are you looking for white shoes which you can wear in style with almost every color and outfit in your closet? Then we most certainly recommend Converse’s white shoes as they come in various styles and models, such as the high tops, leather ones, platforms and of course the flat Converse. Let’s walk you through a few ideas on how you can rock your white Converse shoes in different ways.

But first, here are three white and off-white Converse shoes in Egypt which we’ll be mostly focusing on, when suggesting styling ideas for you... 

1- White Converse (High Tops) with Dresses or Midi Skirts:

Dresses and skirts are often associated with more of a feminine or chic look, which tends to limit it to certain occasions. But what if you’d like to wear your skirts and dresses all year or day long? Then we’d recommend going for a white shirt or graphic tee, tucking it in or knotting it up, and adding Converse white high tops shoes. Et voila, you’ve given your feminine look quite the edge.

2- Business Casual Anyone? 
We spend long hours at work, move around quite a lot, always looking to

combine between being elegant whilst feeling comfortable, and of course the shoes we pick play a significant role in that. Combining your Converse white shoes (the high tops or platform ones) with a chic blazer, whether you wear a monochrome look underneath, go for preppy pants or skirt with a casual tucked-in top, this mix will give you the perfect business casual look.

3- Less is More…

When you need to head out, but don’t necessarily have much time to think what you should wear, we always recommend a pair of jeans with a white blouse tucked in, a nice layered necklace and Converse white or off-white shoes. Yes, it’s as simple as that, and you’ll end up looking great!

4- Your Beach Look

Let’s bring them white flat Converse shoes out of the closet and mix and match them with tons of beach looks this season! Be it at the beach (yes they’re still comfy with sand), if you’re going out with your friends afterwards or with trending looks this season, such as striped jumpsuits or the famous all-white summery sets or dresses. Lastly, rock your Converse white shoes with a nice anklet to match them summer vibes.

Want to Try Out this Styling Tip?

Now let’s go back to the white on white look. Did you know that wearing the same shoe color as your pants, in that case white or off-white for example, will give you a leaner and taller look? This trick also works with similar shades, so let’s say we’re going for white Converse shoes, light colored denim pants would do the same trick, or pastels too.

Now let’s quickly take a look at the Converse white shoes you can get your hands on at TFK.me:

 1- White Platform Converse Shoes: The best thing about these Converse white shoes is they come with a double rubber platform. Meaning? They play the same role of heels, when you’d like to add more centimeters to your look, but with much more comfort. You can buy your very own right here >>

2- White Converse Shoes - Low Top Unisex: Now this style is one of the best sellers worldwide! If you’re not a fan of the platform Converse shoes, then we recommend the low top unisex style for you; aka even more comfort, and of course like we’ve mentioned works well with tons of looks. Click here to get your hands on it >>

3- Converse White High Tops Shoes: If you like styles similar to half boots all year long, then this one’s for you! Also, it has some shiny and metallic details, it’s different yet subtle and gives you an edgy look. Find out more details about this style >>

Last, but most certainly not least, it’s important you invest in a durable yet stylish pair of white or off-white shoes. Why? Whether you’re practical, artsy, minimal or prefer a chic approach to fashion, you’ll find yourself wearing your Converse white shoes a lot more often than you think; due to its comfort and of course diversity of ways you can style it in. A combo made in heaven, right?

Check out here on our website TFK.me many styles and colors of the Converse shoes, and pick the ones that work best for you >>