All You Need to Know about TFK’s Black Friday 2021 Offers

There’s no denying that Black Friday is a time of the year we all get excited about! You get to discover so many amazing deals and get your hands on great bargains, but there’s always one major issue we come across during Black Friday in Egypt; too many options in various places, which sometimes leads to confusion, overbuying, or deciding not to buy at all. But with Black Friday 2021, we have eliminated these problems for you, once and for all. You might ask how so? And all you need to do is to read through and find out what we have planned for you this Black Friday 2021 in Egypt

1. Super Competitive deals during Black Friday 2021

On, you’ll get to enjoy major discounts on a variety of products during Black Friday 2021. The best thing is you won’t have to jump from one website to the other to discover the best deals they have to offer. All you need to do is sign up for our newsletter and be amongst the first who knows about discounts and special deals we have for you!

2. More than One Brand in One Place!

In fact, we’re talking 160 brands under one platform with various options, styles, and colors to pick from: fashion and beauty (for the whole family). Think Calvin Klein, Daniel Hechter, adidas, Guess, Dejavu, Merch, Opio, OR, Ray-Ban, Reebok, Up-fuse, Tommy Hilfiger, TIYI, Skechers, Mix & Match, Marie Louis, Converse, Baraka, BTM, Bourjois, Eva, Rimmel to mention a few. Now you might start wondering when Black Friday 2021 in Egypt is, and we’ll answer that in the coming lines.

3. Beauty and Healthcare too for Black Friday?

Our special offers and discounts for Black Friday 2021 don’t just include clothes, shoes, and accessories, but also cover cosmetics and beauty brands. Feel free to stock up on your favorite skincare and makeup products from some of the top cosmetic brands available in the market, which you will find on

4. Safety and Security Come First

We’re talking safety in various ways, be it to avoid the big crowds during Black Friday 2021 in Egypt because of COVID-19 through shopping online on our platform, or because of the very safe payment methods and different options we have to offer you.

5. High-Quality Products!

Paying much less for a piece doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality with, as we offer you original and top-notch quality fashion, clothes, shoes, accessories, and much more. So, worry no more about that problem, which you might come across on several platforms.

6. When is Black Friday 2021 on

No, not just the last week of November, we’ve wanted to pamper and surprise you for a while longer! We shall start our Black Friday 2021 offers from the beginning of November and they’ll continue with us throughout the month, which means you get to buy everything you like at any time of the month. Ready? Subscribe to our newsletter and stay in the know.