Tips to look effortlessly gorgeous (all through the love season)

To avoid burnout- we all need to escape from our daily routines and wardrobes! Make it a habit to occasionally put on something nice and just have a good 3-4 hours of pure fun! Being stuck at home and the office for too long is a surefire way to ruin our mental health!

Take your partner or loved ones somewhere nice on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or use the opportunity to celebrate a friend’s promotion. Spending quality girl time with your besties or hanging out with your guys are equally fun and will lift your mood.

 If you are planning a date night, especially a Valentine’s Day one, then a stylish outfit is a must for both men and women. Whether your night-out is fancy or more chilled, you can always pull off a stylish look without exerting too much effort — read on to discover some tips and ideas that we’ve put together on how to pull that off.

Where to go: Book dinner at a fancy restaurant

What to wear:

Ladies, your best bet is to pick up a simple dress of any color if you are planning to go dining at a high-end restaurant. A dress is straightforward, easy-to-style, and can be as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be.

 You can go with any simple plain dress in your favorite color.

Fashion tip: Keep the cliché “red” dress for a different occasion to avoid looking like everyone else on Valentine’s Day

Take your look up a notch by adding a statement piece of jewelry to match your dress. You can also add a bling belt or a brightly colored pair of heels. Think loud pink or animal print.

Not into dresses? Choose a cool jumpsuit in velvet or any other fancy material (not cotton though).  Top it up with cool silver or gold hoop earrings and grab a trendy mini purse or a simple clutch.

Gents, you can grab a basic turtleneck over your chino trousers and conquer the chilly weather with a coat on top. Combat boots are the best match and totally on-trend this season, but if you want something comfier then your favorite casual white sneakers will look just as good.

Fashion tip: Follow one of these 3 color palettes:

- Grey chino with a white turtleneck & a black coat

- An off-white chino with a beige turtleneck and a camel coat

- All black with the chino & turtleneck and a light grey coat to give it a brighter look.

Where to go: Watch the latest movie at the cinema

What to wear:

There’s nothing more fun than going out to a midnight cinema to watch the latest drama or horror film.  You don’t want to feel out of place though so skip the dresses (unless it’s a hoodie dress or casual maxi)

 You can style your hoodie dress outfit with a pair of half-boots and add a coat on top. You can also go more casual yet elegant with a pair of boyfriend heels and a cool bodysuit. Adding a puffer jacket will give you a stylish look and feel.

Boys you have it simple; an easy pair of well-fitting jeans and a simple sweater is all you need. Any shoes will go with this outfit including leather loafers or sneakers.

Fashion tip: Add a shirt under the sweater to give your outfit a more elegant look.

Where to go: Check if there are any live concerts in town and get tickets to see your favorite local or international bands.

What to wear:

Your outfit needs to be cool, trendy, and obviously comfortable. Grab your favorite skinny or flair pair of jeans and add a silky or velvet top with a cool cut (off shoulders, single shoulder blouses, a V cut bodysuit, or a backless one). Heels might look cool but are painful and insensible if you are going to walk or stand for several hours. If you are thinking of wearing high-heeled shoes your best option is to go with wedge boots, or an ankle flair heeled one.

Fashion tip: Don’t forget to bring along your fur coat or a leather jacket. A waist bag will ensure you have your arms free for partying.

Put on your pair of Converse sneakers, a printed comfy hoodie, or a plaid shirt underneath a sweatshirt. Jeans or cargo pants will go nicely with any of these tops.

Where to go: Have a girls’ fun night at home

 Woop woop, single ladies put your hands up in the air! Luckily you can avoid all forced romantic celebrations, but you don’t need to miss out on having fun. Invite your girls over to chill and get all girly appreciating the presence of the “Girl Power” in your life.

Ask your girls to get their onesies or cute PJ sets and prepare some doughnuts and drinks for a game’s night-in or look for a nice chick-flick movie to watch together on your beanbags with some fluffy blankets, scented candles, and popcorn.

Fashion tip: Crop or regular hoodies and matching sweatpants sets are all the rage this year!