A Candid Interview with Egypt’s Fashion Icon about Daniel Hechter’s New 37.5®️ Technology provided by the firm Cocona.

BORN TO BE CLASSY: Mr.Paul Antaki, Egypt's very first fashion icon, is here with us today for an in-depth interview. Mr. Antaki is a mogul in the fashion industry as he is the man behind the fashion revolution in Egypt in the early nineties and his impact is still evident and prominent in the fashion space through international brands and local homegrown brands as Or the Egyptian alternative to Zara and H&M. In the light of his contributions to the Fashion industry in Egypt; he was able to bring in international brands, such as Benetton, MaxMara, NafNaf, Mexx, Converse and Daniel Hechter.  

Mr. Antaki is an epitome of what’s new and chic in men’s fashion; today he is wearing an elegant modern Daniel Hechter’s suit and he has got a lot to tell us about what makes it unique as well as the latest technologies used in its Fabrics. Check out the details in our candid chat with him.

Q: Mr.Paul we have learnt that your suit’s Fabric has a new technology that will change the future of men’s fashion, can you tell us about it?
A: Yes, true it is the new 37.5® technology. It is a patented textile technology that stabilizes humidity and improves the performance of your body.

Q: Why it is called 37.5® technology?
A: It is called 37.5® technology because it helps to keep your body at the ideal body temperature of 37.5 degrees and helps to keep the microclimate next to your skin at the ideal humidity of 37.5%.

Q: That is very interesting and cool; how does this technology do that?
A: 37.5® technology triggers off humidity which is the main catalyst of whether you feel hot or cold. When you feel hot; active particles embedded into the material use your body’s energy to remove moisture and cool your body down. On the other hand, when you feel cold; the active particles retain your body’s energy to warm your body up.
What is also unique about the 37.5® technology is that it is permanent as it does not wash off in cleaning and its effectiveness does not wear off.

Q: Which brands under your company-Consolidated Casuals- are going to provide this technology to the customers?
A: Daniel Hechter is the first brand in Egypt to adopt this technology in manufacturing men’s suits. Hopefully, this technology will be applied to all other formal and smart-casual garments. The use of a temperature-regulating smart fabric in men’s suits offers ideal comfort which boosts human performance and well-being.  

Q: Why do you think this fabric technology is catering to and compatible with the modern men aging from 25 to 45 in 2020?
A: This fabric will be perfect for young and mid-aged executives who are leading a fast-active productive life. It will also help them maintain their stylish attire while staying practical and modern, which is ideal for the modern man’s character and needs.
This new technology and fabric are aligned with Daniel Hechter brand purpose which is promoting “Savoir-Vivre” which is what the French means by it “living a good life while staying elegant and smart.”

Interviewer: This is amazing news and insights about this new technology, definitely; Having functional fabrics specially made for the modern man promoting his performance and well-being will leave a footprint in the industry of fashion functionality. Thank you so much Mr. Paul for your time, it has been a pleasure speaking with you.