OR Pants

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      OR pants collection includes all types of pants, whether for men and women, as well as basic or trendy pants, whether for daily, formal, casual and classic outings. Since pants are an essential element in your wardrobe with all types, fabric, and shapes, as they are an indispensable element of clothing.

      In the OR pants collection, you will find all varieties of pants like; joggers, jeans, sweatpants, and linen, in addition to leggings. If your day is sporty, you cannot do without the sweatpants for men and women and the women’s leggings which are suitable for the gym, club, and home, but if your day is at work and meetings, the classic pants are the best choices for the formal look, also the denim pants at work are the best choice for semi-casual look and essential in your everyday casual outings, whether day or night, as they are the most appropriate choice for a comfortable and trendy look all day long.