7 Pieces of Clothing to Guarantee Amazing Casual Outfits for University

A new season has started and with it a new phase, be it if you’re going back to university or school and there’s one question we get quite often; what should I be wearing to look both stylish and comfortable around the clock? We’ve combined some interesting pieces for you that will guarantee you amazing outfits for university. With over 160 brands in one place, at TFK.me, there’s the variety you’ll need; be it for clothes, accessories, shoes or makeup. Now let’s meet the outfits for university you should be sporting…

Sweatpants are a must-have this season!

You’ll wake up on some days wondering what’s the easiest piece of clothing you can wear today? The answer will always be sweatpants. They have been trending for a while now, and continue to be one of the most coveted pieces, especially for casual outfits for university. It’s breathy because of the nature of its fabric, making it the perfect choice for going back to college. You can always rock it with a graphic tee, as a full on set (or perhaps with a matching colored tee) and a backpack to top it off. Wearing it with white sneakers is guaranteed to be a hit! Sweatpants come in many forms, be it the ones with wide legs, straight or tighter ones.

Let’s include more hoodies in your university outfits…

Switching up from summer to fall can be a bit confusing, should I continue wearing a shirt or should I keep myself a bit warmer for chilly days? The solution for that would be to add a cool hoodie on top and you’re good to go. And just like sweatpants, hoodies come in various forms and shapes, and would be great choice for your casual outfits for university. They’re even a great choice when transitioning to winter, as you can replace your t-shirt with a pullover underneath. And lastly, make sure to shop for hoodies and sweatpants with shades that look great together as you can always mix and match them with one another.

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Are you a hijabi who’s looking for modest and casual outfits for university?

We know the struggle when you’re looking for modest clothes and options are relatively limited, but that’s not the case on our platform. On TFK.me you’ll find all the things you’re looking for and a bit more. We recommend the breathy wide pants, be it in denim or as sweatpants, the long cardigan, which is a wardrobe staple for you, and you can always layer it up, wear it buttoned up or add a belt on top. There’s also long sleeved pullovers with light fabrics, which you can wear underneath hoodies and cardigans tucked in and belt up your trousers to better highlight your waist in a modest and interesting way. All of these pieces are available and you can mix them up when shopping on our website for your outfits for university.

Who doesn’t like denim?

When talking about wardrobe staples, a comfy and well-fitted pair of jeans is on top of that list! Picking your outfits for university means opting for casual to casual chic looks and you can easily achieve both with your new pair of jeans. Depending on your body shape you’ll need to pick the right cut for it, and the ones we highly recommend this season are mum-fit jeans and flared ones.

More wardrobe staples anyone?

YES! Now that we’ve talked about jeans, it’s time to move on to another staple for your casual outfits for university, and that is a basic or even graphic tee. Be it fitted or oversized, the ways you’ll wear your tee will be endless. We suggest opting for a t-shirt and another long-sleeved one to cover both hot and chilly days in style. It’s preferable you tuck it in if you’re a woman and keep it loose if you’re a man. Wear it under a hoodie, short jacket or long cardigan and you’re good to go. One last thing though, the fabric quality is something you need to look out for, but of course we’ve got you covered on that!

Shirts for them men work too…

Changing up your look every once in a while, will play a big role in looking great, and even if you’re not a big fan of wearing shirts at college, trying them out is probably going to be a good idea, especially on days where you’ll be heading out after college or have an important presentation to give. We recommend you wear it buttoned up at times, as a jacket with a t-shirt underneath at others, or below a hoodie or jacket. Of course you can go for them traditional basic colors, but we’d also like you to step out of your comfort zone and give more vibrant shades a try. That way you’ll be able to cover both classic or minimal looks, in addition to more funky and edgy ones for your outfits for university.

Now let’s talk backpacks for your outfits for university, shall we?

We can’t discuss your outfits for university without talking about backpacks! First off, you’ll always be able to fit everything you need in one place, and secondly if you have somewhere to be after college, you’ll also be able to pack an additional outfit within it; be it to the gym or an outing. Just like your pair of jeans, picking the right backpack will go a long way, whether it’s the style, its color, the compartments it has, all of these are points you’ll need to keep in mind.

Now that we’ve wrapped up your casual outfits for university, it’s time for you to explore what works best for your personality and style on our website. You’ll be able to save time with the many interesting options we’re offering you, all in one place and you can pick them from the comfort of your own home. Online shopping has been the way to go now for more than a year, and with our seamless shopping experience you’ll love it even more. Ready to get all what you’re looking for to rock your new college year in style?