Refunds Guaranteed:

 TFK guarantees the refund of your order within 14 working days. 

Any refund given will be at the price you paid and during promotions, the refund will be limited to the price paid.

If you paid in cash: 

  • Refund by bank transfer (Full name, Bank name & Branch, Bank account number). Refunds will be charged a shipping fee of LE20 for Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria, and LE35 for any other governorate, deductible from the refunded amount. 
  • Cash Refund through our shipping partner. An additional fee of LE30 will be deducted from the refunded amounts delivered through our shipping partner.  If the amount exceeds LE2,500, a fee of 0.5% will be applied on the amount exceeding LE2,500.
  • Refund through voucher: TFK guarantees a FULL refund

If you paid by Credit Card

  • You will be refunded on the same card.

If you paid with Premium Card:

  • If you paid with Premium: You will get the refund directly on your Premium card. 

If you paid with Sympl:

  • You can refund part or all your order.  The 100 EGP processing fees is refundable within 7 days of order submission.

If you paid with valU

  • If you paid using valU, you can choose to receive a voucher or refund the entire order.



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