We saw the complexity you face when buying apparel online in Egypt. Inaccurate data, unclear photography, inaccurate size charts, difficult returns processes and weak customer support are only some of the issues we face when we try to buy clothes online. We, at TFK, want to give you the highest value for your money and the best experience, shopping from the best fashion brands.


We started at the end of 2019 with the idea of combining tech and fashion to offer our clients the best possible shopping experience. With all the challenges we faced since the beginning of 2020, we persevered believing in the same words that inspired Khaled Bichara, our hero and leader. He believed that everyone could create their own luck through passion, hard work, determination and preparation. All circumstances led us to the launch of TFK on the 27th of July, 2020, which marks Khaled’s birthday, may God bless his soul.


Our aim is to bring you here at TFK, the best of the best brands, both international and homegrown in our beautiful Egypt. We work with those who offer good quality products at affordable prices. You can shop at your convenience, paying in cash or on installments and our promise is to deliver what you buy within few days. Our aim is your satisfaction and utmost delight.